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90% of people don't register and properly maintain their most important products after purchase.

This means that product upkeep is a major problem across the globe.
Plus, stashing your warranty cards and receipts in shoe boxes and drawers isn’t exactly going to cut it in the digital age either.
If you're like most people, then you simply aren't claiming product rebates on time, tracking when your warranties will expire, or maintaining detailed services records in an easy and efficient way.
In other words, you aren’t getting the most value out of every purchase that you make.
But that’s not all. The products that you already own are likely plummeting in resale value too. So you’re almost certainly losing money at the buying and selling stages...
The good news is that you can solve all of your product upkeep problems right this second, and start getting the full value out of products that you deserve.
Warrantix is the ONE app you will need to manage all of your products post purchase. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s free. And it’s available for you to use today.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Warrantix helps you clear your mind and free up your time. You'll own your digital warranties and official service records, and keep your data stored locally for easy “anytime” reference. This makes it dead-simple to schedule important services for your products, access post-purchase activities (from product rebates to recycling), and manage your products by brand or category. You'll even gain instant access to the e-shops of your favorite brands and merchants.

Stop Losing and Start Saving Money

You can save a surplus of cash thanks to Warrantix. Through the convenience of one easy-to-use mobile app, you'll be able to claim product rebates, return products, renew warranties, track product recalls, catch exciting discount deals, receive exclusive introductory product offers, and shop insurance through multiple providers. This means that you’ll receive maximum value on new purchases that you make, while also maintaining the value of products you already own.

Enjoy Zero Clutter

You own plenty of different products. But, life gets busy, and you can't possibly keep up with all of your favorite brands on your mobile device. Or can you? With Warrantix, you can shop, chat and interact with your preferred brands directly inside of Warrantix, using App-In-a-App technology. This way, your mobile device won't feel cluttered, and you can still engage with all of your favorite brands via a single mobile solution.


Warrantix keeps you actively engaged in the process of scheduling services for your products.

You'll interact directly with brand IT systems to ensure amazing experiences before, during, and after you buy. Every single time.
While you buy

When you purchase products through Warrantix, you'll receive digital warranties that protect your investments. This gives you peace of mind each time that you buy. Plus, while you're shopping, you can even track your purchases from order-to-doorstep, submit product maintenance requests, and make great use of your warranties, entitlements, and rebates on-the-fly.

When you resell

When you service products using Warrantix, your service history and product condition ratings will be updated. This can be a highly-rewarding process that helps you achieve premium resale values for products that you eventually sell. And to make your life even easier, you can resell your products directly to other consumers from within Warrantix. In this consumer-to-consumer marketplace, used product history is made easily accessible, and warranties can be seamlessly transferred between buyers and sellers upon the completion of an exchange.

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After you buy

After purchasing goods through partner merchants and online stores, your products will be automatically registered with their corresponding brands. This gives you easy access to money-saving digital warranties directly on mobile, while also loading genuine brand apps inside of Warrantix. You’ll ultimately be able to connect with all of your favorite brands or merchants, at any time, without having to bloat your device. Warrantix also enables you to service your products, claim rebates, receive product condition updates, and manage your products post purchase through one centralized user experience. Not to mention, you can always register your existing products with Warrantix by scanning QR codes, detecting emails, or manually inputting relevant product data into the app.

When you replace

Warrantix makes it fun to replace products because you'll see who in your social circle already owns the products you're considering purchasing. You'll also gain access to authentic product reviews and ratings that aid you in your buying decisions. And, for an even more personal shopping experience, you can always chat with friends on Warrantix to receive unique product recommendations and direct product referrals.

Warrantix even works for your entire household. Each member of your household can share the same wallet, and use a different customer ID to enjoy the big benefits of using Warrantix across all of your family’s mobile devices.

Now, Mom can purchase and register a bicycle for her son while she’s relaxing at home. Afterwards, she can schedule an inspection for her husband's car. Meanwhile, Dad might want to submit a maintenance request for that broken sprinkler system. Or, he can return the washing machine that was purchased by Mom. Warrantix makes your family more efficient, and gives you more time to spend with each other.

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Keep up with your favorite brands from inside the Warrantix app.

Create your personal product ecosystem, store all your digital warranties, quickly access post-purchase service data, and manage the apps of your favorite brands.

You can thank Warrantix's App-In-a-App technology for making this happen.

Because at the end of the day, you'll gain access to the apps of all the brands you love from within the Warrantix brand docket, and avoid excess clutter on your mobile launch screen.
Plus, Warrantix automatically installs your brand apps once products are registered and digital warranties have been received.
This enables you to enjoy authentic brand experiences inside of Warrantix at your own convenience.

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Hit the marketplace from your mobile device with Warrantix’s marketplace mode.

You’ll always have the ability to seamlessly switch between your brand apps and their e-shops. But, the truth is that you can accomplish some of your best shopping while indulging yourself in Warrantix’s marketplace (e-shopping) mode.

By visiting brand e-shops in marketplace mode, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase extended product warranties, product protection insurance, general insurance plans, accessories, user replaceable spares, certified used products, new products, and more. You can even get your purchases financed by partner finance companies with easy repayment options.

Never before has it been this convenient to preserve the value of your products, save money on household necessities, and make genuinely smart purchasing decisions from wherever you happen to be located. One mobile app, and one quick installation is all that it takes to get started.

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Connect with first circle friends. Get help with product usage. Shop socially.

Warrantix helps you stay connected to close friends who own similar products and share similar buying habits.

You’ll be able to reveal your purchases to your tight-knit peer group, rank and review your products, and get help from good friends when you're shopping for your next product.

You can even find out if someone in your network owns the same product as you. This makes it fun to talk about shared product experiences, and build closer bonds with those you care about.

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Warrantix offers many simple yet powerful features that will have a noticeably positive impact on your life
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Ready to see Warrantix in action?

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Warrantix is the ultimate mobile app that anyone can benefit from using. Whether you own a laptop, automobile, washing machine, refrigerator, mattress, blender or any of the thousands of other durable goods that are backed by a product warranty, you will save money, gain time, and enjoy a heightened sense of mental clarity when you use Warrantix.

Start enhancing your lifestyle today by taking advantage of the single greatest way to connect with brands, shop with friends, service your goods, and sell products on mobile.


Warrantix delivers legitimate life-changing results.

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Don't burn another dollar on avoidable repair costs, unnecessary replacements, or out-of-warranty expenses...

Warrantix is the #1 mobile app for ensuring that your products are properly organized, upkept, managed and purchased on time.

Download Warrantix today for free,
and you’ll never have to worry about managing your products after purchase again.

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